Pathstones by Phoebe featured on Take Charge of Your Life

Eleanor Bobrow, host of WDIY's Take Charge of Your Life, discusses Pathstones by Phoebe with member Nancy Shelly and Melanie Kohler, Executive Director.

The Joy of Fostering a Senior Dog

By Debbie Swanson for Next Avenue – Carol Byers already had two dogs when she decided to foster a third. Byers, an active woman in her early 70s, set her sights on an older pet. “Like most seniors, I’ve experienced loss and know how important quality of life is,” she says. “To give a senior […]

What You Need to Know About Tech Support Scams

By Steve Baker for Next Avenue – Over the last year or two, tech support scams have exploded. The fraudsters want to “remote in” (take control of a consumer’s computer), claiming there’s spyware or another dangerous problem, and offering to fix it. But there’s normally nothing wrong and consumers pay $500 or more to fix […]

How Pathstones is Different from Long Term Care Insurance

Read Pathstones’ recent article on how our continuing care at home program is different from long term care insurance:

Moving Together to Reduce the Risk of Falls

By Sherri Snelling for Next Avenue – Verine Morris, 42, has spent more than a decade with a fear of falling. Wheelchair-bound for 10 years after a nasty fall at work, followed by a terrifying car accident, she decided she needed to overcome her anxiety and learn how to move independently again. This epiphany led […]

The Best Diet You’ve Never Heard Of

By Rashelle Brown for Next Avenue – When most of us hear “diet,” we think of a four-letter word meaning something we must suffer through — a short-term means to a desired outcome. We imagine our future selves leaner, healthier, happier. And so we grin and bear it as we choose from among the many, […]

4 Myths About Brain Health and How to Stay Sharp

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has highlighted some practical approaches we can all take to maintain better brain health — whether for ourselves or for a loved one. The tips shared also help us compensate for some common problems related to cognitive aging.

The Magic of Leaving Your Comfort Zones in Retirement

By Jonathan Look for Next Avenue –One of the biggest goals of my career as an air traffic controller was having a worry-free retirement. I envisioned a comfortable place where I could lie back and watch the world pass by; where I could live not only without work, but without challenge, worry or stress.As retirement […]

Six Ways Age Changes How We Travel

By Irene S. Levine for Next Avenue –Age doesn’t diminish wanderlust, but it sure affects the way we travel. For starters, as we get older, we travel a lot.An AARP study of 2015 Baby Boomer Travel Trends found that older travelers anticipated taking four to five trips the following year. Most respondents (97 percent) planned […]

Growing and Cooking Summer’s Herbs

A guide to raising and using beautiful, flavorful culinary herbs — with recipes.