Will Your Home Be Ready for Aging in Place?

By Angelo Gentile for Next Avenue A modest home in the Memphis suburb of Raleigh — a vacant foreclosure — used to be dark inside, an interior that was frankly depressing, recalls David Brown, CEO of Home Matters, a nonprofit based in Washington, D.C., that’s committed to increasing the country’s affordable and accessible housing. Now, […]

Prepare for Surgery With Exercise and Diet

By Judith Graham for Next Avenue A dozen years ago, at the age of 50, Lillie Shockney decided to have breast reconstruction surgery after two bouts of cancer and two mastectomies. The procedure called for removing a flap of skin and fat from her abdomen, used to rebuild her breasts. Shockney knew a lot about […]

Gardening When You’re Not Yet in Shape

By Linda Melone, CSCS for Next Avenue- Warmer weather and the smell of spring in the air provides major motivation to get outside and dig in the garden — an enjoyable exercise that doesn’t involve a treadmill. Pushing a mower, pulling weeds, digging holes and carrying soil require the use of muscle groups in the […]

Phoebe Ministries Announces Staff Change

Allentown, PA – Phoebe Ministries is pleased to announce the following change in staffing: Tracy J. Polacheck has been appointed to the position of Executive Director of Pathstones by Phoebe. In this role, she is responsible for the overall operations of the Continuing Care at Home program and oversees the development and implementation of comprehensive […]

Pathstones by Phoebe featured on Take Charge of Your Life

Eleanor Bobrow, host of WDIY's Take Charge of Your Life, discusses Pathstones by Phoebe with member Nancy Shelly and Melanie Kohler, Executive Director.

The Joy of Fostering a Senior Dog

By Debbie Swanson for Next Avenue – Carol Byers already had two dogs when she decided to foster a third. Byers, an active woman in her early 70s, set her sights on an older pet. “Like most seniors, I’ve experienced loss and know how important quality of life is,” she says. “To give a senior […]

What You Need to Know About Tech Support Scams

By Steve Baker for Next Avenue – Over the last year or two, tech support scams have exploded. The fraudsters want to “remote in” (take control of a consumer’s computer), claiming there’s spyware or another dangerous problem, and offering to fix it. But there’s normally nothing wrong and consumers pay $500 or more to fix […]

How Pathstones is Different from Long Term Care Insurance

Read Pathstones’ recent article on how our continuing care at home program is different from long term care insurance:

Moving Together to Reduce the Risk of Falls

By Sherri Snelling for Next Avenue – Verine Morris, 42, has spent more than a decade with a fear of falling. Wheelchair-bound for 10 years after a nasty fall at work, followed by a terrifying car accident, she decided she needed to overcome her anxiety and learn how to move independently again. This epiphany led […]

The Best Diet You’ve Never Heard Of

By Rashelle Brown for Next Avenue – When most of us hear “diet,” we think of a four-letter word meaning something we must suffer through — a short-term means to a desired outcome. We imagine our future selves leaner, healthier, happier. And so we grin and bear it as we choose from among the many, […]