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Pathstones by Phoebe offers a personalized plan for wellness coordination and the services of a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in the comfort and security of a member’s home. The goal of Pathstones is to help you stay in your home even if your needs change. We work with members before health and wellness needs emerge, providing proactive care that limits the need for medical services later.

Pathstones by Phoebe addresses the needs of those who prefer to live at home by providing the services of a Phoebe campus in your own home for a lower cost than a traditional CCRC.

Regulated identically to traditional CCRCs by the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance, Continuing Care at Home programs are often considered as an alternative to long term care insurance because membership includes stays in skilled nursing and personal care facilities in addition to in-home services. However, unlike the potential for large premium increases with long term care insurance, Pathstones monthly fees remain stable even if care needs increase. Also unlike long term care insurance, members can receive services as soon and for as long as needed. Pathstones, unlike long term care insurance, also offers wellness screenings, nutritional counseling, and in home care without an increase in your monthly fees. Your set monthly fee covers everything! The program is not a replacement for health insurance.

Pathstones by Phoebe is supported by Phoebe Ministries’ 115 year legacy of care and our strong mission, vision and values.

Pathstones members enjoy:

  • Coordinated services customized specifically for your needs
  • Portability — with Pathstones, you can take benefits with you
  • Affordability of medical care and protection of assets
  • Peace of mind and relief if your health changes

Is Pathstones a Good Fit for Me?

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