Your Home. Your Choices. Your Future.

Right now, you’re enjoying your good health. You have the freedom to make decisions and choose your path. Harness that freedom now to prepare for the future with Pathstones by Phoebe.

Pathstones by Phoebe is designed to provide peace of mind and care for your ongoing needs as you age in your own home. It is a membership–based program that uniquely combines the most important features of life-long care into one convenient, comprehensive plan.

Stay in the comfort of your home, and if you ever need it, you can access Phoebe’s innovative, award winning care. Pathstones by Phoebe, a Continuing Care at Home program, makes this possible.

Pathstones helps you gain the peace of mind you deserve. We provide you with complete long term care protection for the rest of your life.

Is Pathstones a Good Fit for Me?

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