Care Coordination

With wellness as a primary focus, Pathstones by Phoebe works with members to keep them at home for as long as possible utilizing monitoring, intervention and preventive programming. The Wellness Coordinator helps Pathstones members to proactively navigate current healthcare needs to keep you well. This includes diet and nutrition assessments as well as home safety and medication evaluations.

Your Wellness Coordinator becomes familiar with your lifestyle and preferences. Your care plan is personalized — designed by you, your wellness coordinator and your physician — to help you stay well and maintain your highest level of independence.

As more care is needed, Pathstones provides comprehensive services similar to those offered by Phoebe’s CCRC campuses. These may include full wellness coordination,  in–home nursing care, companionship, referral and emergency response services, live-in support, transportation to and from medically necessary appointments, physical therapy, technology assistance, and medication management—all while members live in the comfort of their own homes.

“Only 5 to 10% of senior adults live in traditional CCRCs, and Phoebe is a ministry committed to providing services to those in the communities we serve,” says Scott Stevenson, President and CEO.

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