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How Pathstones by Phoebe Wellness Coordinators Help You Stay Well So You Can Stay Home

How Pathstones by Phoebe Wellness Coordinators Help You Stay Well So You Can Stay Home

You want to stay healthy and in your home for as long as possible. After all, your home is one of your favorite places. That’s why Pathstones by Phoebe has a solution for any active senior looking to remain healthy at home while having a great plan for the future.

Imagine enjoying a fresh cup of coffee in the kitchen that you’ve loved for years while watching the morning sun signal the start of another good day. Shortly after, you hear a knock on your door, and you know exactly who it is. It’s your personal wellness coordinator, ready to go over your individualized wellness plan so you can continue living your healthiest life in the home you love.

First, you and your wellness coordinator discuss your current health, recent doctor visits, and any health concerns you may have.  Second, your wellness coordinator guides you through some exercises to determine your current state of fitness.  Third, you discuss your personal wellness plan.  This plan keeps you engaged with your friends and family, provides exercises to practice so your body stays in good physical shape, and can even include guidance on what type of diet you should maintain to help stay healthy and well. 

As you talk further and share your wellness goals—both physical and emotional—you experience the feeling of building a strong connection with your wellness coordinator. It inspires your confidence and reassures you that Pathstones by Phoebe was an excellent choice.

Here are some additional benefits of having a lifelong partner in wellness through the Pathstones by Phoebe program.

Wellness Coordinators: Guiding Your Healthiest Life

Our credentialed, professional wellness coordinators help you maintain independence and well-being within the comfort of your own home. That’s because they understand the difference between simply aging and aging well. They help you formulate a wellness plan to keep you engaged physically and emotionally. These plans are based on science and research-based assessments to support your whole health.

Individualized plans are formulated through our quarterly check-ins, annual assessments, and regular home visits with your wellness coordinator. Most importantly, the wellness coordinator helps create a plan focused on preventive support with customizable resources.

In terms of your whole health, your personal wellness coordinator focuses on keeping you healthy based on Seven Dimensions of Wellness including your physical, social, emotional, environmental, intellectual, spiritual, and vocational health. Not only will your personal wellness coordinator focus on aspects such as diet and exercise, but also on how you can remain engaged in your community to better your social and environmental health.

In addition, your wellness coordinator helps you discover ways to keep your spirits high by forming a long-lasting connection with you. He or she also works to help ensure you’re satisfied in your career or hobbies with plenty of friendly advice to inspire your sense of purpose and fulfillment.

That’s not all, though. Our wellness coordinators can provide you with resources on finding health care professionals and will be there to help coordinate your care if the need arises in the future. That’s because they are also healthcare navigators, guiding you along your journey to well-being.

Whether you’re looking for something as simple as a new eye doctor, or something more complex like a nephrologist or cardiologist, our wellness coordinators can help you find the perfect healthcare provider. Wellness coordinators also help you with coordinating doctors’ visits, assisting with transportation to procedures you’re not able to drive to, researching specialists, and helping you with interpreting medical test results.

Plus, because Pathstones by Phoebe is all about staying independent in the home you love, your wellness coordinator will perform an assessment to gauge which home modifications are recommended for supporting you as you age gracefully. The wellness coordinator can even compile a list of trusted contractors to assist you. The purpose is clear: helping you feel comfortable and empowered to take on each day in the home you hold dear.

Don’t worry about what happens between appointments with your wellness coordinator. Even when your wellness coordinator is not in your home, he or she is available 24/7 and is just a phone call away.

Become Part of the Pathstones Family

As a Continuing Care at Home (CCaH) program, Pathstones by Phoebe is proud to welcome all participants to the Phoebe family. You’ll be able to take advantage of the amenities on our Life Plan/Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) campuses as well as have priority access to services provided on them.  You will also be able to participate in special events just for Pathstones members. With monthly wellness events designed to inspire, engage and educate, you’ll find it easy to remain healthy in your home while remaining connected to friends (both new and lifelong) as well as the people and interests most important to you.

If you’re interested in the many exciting opportunities Pathstones by Phoebe provides to help you stay independent in the home you love, consider taking advantage soon. As lifelong partners, our wellness coordinators will guide you on a journey to your best self. To learn more about Pathstones by Phoebe, contact us at 610-794-6700.