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Two New Plan Options at Pathstones by Phoebe

Two New Plan Options at Pathstones by Phoebe

Pathstones by Phoebe is a membership program that provides resources to support individuals in navigating the stages of aging. Individuals who become members of Pathstones do so because they want to age in place for as long as possible. Pathstones members understand that successful aging in place requires a plan. Pathstones members are proactive about not only their health, but also about their home and financial resources.

By joining Pathstones, members have put a solid plan to cover their physical, emotional, and financial needs. Over the years, we’ve learned that the standard membership plan isn’t always the right fit for everyone—so we’ve developed two new options. Pathstones is pleased to provide a new Early Advantage Plan and a revised Sterling Plan.

The Early Advantage Plan allows active seniors, 75 years old and younger, to begin receiving many of the benefits of Pathstones by Phoebe without paying for the financial protection piece of membership until they feel they will be closer to needing it. Membership benefits include wellness, care coordination, and priority access to Phoebe communities. When Early Advantage Plan members are ready for full membership, they will receive a discount on the full membership plan of up to 5%.

The revised Sterling Plan is ideal for individuals who have already purchased long-term care insurance in planning for their future health care needs. The Sterling Plan also provides wellness, care coordination, and priority access to Phoebe communities. However, it does not offer the financial benefit of paying for care. When care is needed, Pathstones will coordinate the care and the payment from the long-term care insurance company.

There’s no denying that if someone is fortunate enough to age, they will see changes. Regardless of how physically fit they are, how mentally fit they are, or their family history, aging changes everyone. The key to gracefully aging is accepting that things will change and planning to manage the changes. By adding these two new options, Pathstones by Phoebe hopes to meet the needs of more proactive individuals who have accepted that they will age and want a comprehensive plan to meet their needs as they do. We believe this is the difference between simply aging and aging well.

To learn more about these new options, please contact Pathstones at 610-794-6700 or email us at